Conspiracy Theory


just sometimes mind you,
She conspires.
She plots with Her coven
to bring you
where you need.
To be.


The train that doesn’t come
the gentle wisdom from a stinky bum


with Fate She shares a cup of chai,
Circumstance and Her get really high

She missed that call,
cuz She and Chance are at the Ball
enjoying the wonder of it all.

Floating across the sparkly floor
always having, ‘just one dance more’


She’ll carry you in strong, gentle arms
and drop you in the midst of harms
but She’s always there to see it through
She’ll never leave, She’s in love with you.

Gasping Stars and Burning Suns
Her’s is not for chaste praying nuns.

Warriors one and all cry out,
“Mother, we know without doubt,
We Know, We KNOW”, they laugh, dance and sing
together with Her.
And She is always.

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