About Deprevation

Speech is a ship,and meaning the sea, Enter quickly so that I may pilot the ship-Rumi

Deprevation was thought up by two hungry souls deep in the midst of a perceived deprived existence.  Quite literally I was starving my body, sustaining myself on a diet of gruel and pasta… spicy pasta, but pasta nonetheless.  Work, career, cashflow… all these things eluded me.  Passion was soon to follow, and with that, love went on holiday.  Love for life, love for myself, love of being loved.  Body and soul were starved.

Thus Deprevation was birthed as an outlet to, as mentioned in the tagline, “sup up the inspiration,  creativity, and beauty from life’s dregs.”  To reinject passion into the soul.

It took some doing, but it’s here now, where it will go?  Who knows?  Who cares?  It’s here now.  Here, welcoming all forms of depraved thought.

Welcome, and all hope abandon, ye who enter here.

enjoy yourself, it’s a celebration.


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