Lyrical Paradox-ical

free to cartwheel
amongst the gears

brave enough
to sup on fears





complicated discussions
on the meaning of life

protecting the innocent
by flashing a knife





ecstatic wanderings
in a lonely bed.

the deepest wisdom
in an innocent’s head





golden raindrops
on a cloudless day.

keeping silent
to have your say


I stride this earth
and her magnificence rages
over my entire  being,
while Justice mourns in agony.



To which do I turn:

the fiery sun, blazing in defiance?
my soothing moon, sultry in beguiling calm?


art is power.
art is truth.
art is not a weapon-
‘less love crush us all.

alchemist of emotion,
hate into beauty.
I am damned
and angry,
and fed up
with all ya’all.



I love you too.