Future Tense

plans beget
plans, and
once unravelled,
beget more and more…

what joys await
this destined fate?

what challenges will I meet
and surpass
in a single a heartbeat?

what may come
may never arrive
for fate is something for me to contrive.

so come what will
and come what may,
I’ve not yet had my fill,
I am ready to play.

Phoenix Roars

blazing faint
on cool moonlit night,
love flees the divine:

the infinite pleasures
and passions
spun from a bond
terrify the mediocre,
and other pretenders
to Truth.

burn with me Soulchild,
until the end.

let sin be the tinder;
let our souls fuel our flame.
let us devour this world whole,
or drown it
in glory.