LP No. 44_2021_love songs

reverberations of summers gone past
wrinkle my nose
as i sink back
into this nostalgic reverie.

she arrives early,

in with grace,
and a knowing grin,
already tempting
Summer’s sin.

and this sun missed skin
to be sunkissed again,
that darkened ebony glow,
a mark of Ra’s love.

so i sing
in silent harmony
with three birds sitting
in the crooked tree.

LP No. 40_2021_communions and confessions

softly through
shadow and cloud,
returning again
to me,
as you always do.
a wraith of perfection,
a beacon for a dreaming soul

without knowing,
i wait.

i wander through my days

for you.

to throw my very being
your implacable calm
and drink in
your luminescence.

you give me nothing.

and I feel

but in your Graceful flame,
devoid of love,
i touch infinity.

LP No. 33_2021_karibu

for the sweet smell of home.
the smell of history,
whispered through the air.

that familiar smell,
of power
…….from the very earth.

home, where i bathed in starlight,
letting rivulets of wisdom
roll down my soul:

tears of the ancestors
who mourn what was yet to be.

tears of the ancestors
who mourn what would never be.

so i sing,
that they know,
what has come to be,
i sing
that they know our new story.

and i sing,
that they dry their tears.

and i sing
that they might welcome me home.

LP No. 22_2021_twice scorched

gracefully, across the burning dawn,
her sliver of wonder catches my eye,
setting a flame to the magic inside.

…and she moves on.

triumphant, vainglorious….untested,
and blessed
with a golden touch of destiny,
a new day rises.
filled with promise
and hopes undeclared.

and so, a great joy grows in my chest,

yet i long
for my lady of the night.

i yearn for her mystery, and thirst
for her wisdom.

so i wait
for darkess to fall,
so we are free to fly,
together again.