the call / der ruf

beckoning so sweet
with the wisdom of butterflies
and posies.

how could I resist?

so I answer
with love.

and hugs.
and a dog.

Thank you ‘Mina


winkt so süß
mit der Weisheit der Schmetterlinge

wie könnte ich widerstehen

also antworte ich
mit Liebe.

und Umarmungen.

und ein Hund.

Danke ‘Mina


screeching under august welcome,
night's mystery
grudgingly gives way to
the common wonder
of daybreak's song
of lights.

and in between dawn's shy muted shadow,
I wait
again. jilted,
again. But
I am
calm and fervent,
in anticipation of our rendezvous.

my fickle muse.

we may waltz
or wrestle,
wrangling like old fools.
we may slip soft into the other,
whispering affection
and planning doom.


Jupiter Descendant

on the wings of yesterday,
tomorrow sails dangerously close.

and here,
right very now,
I languor in the eternalness of this fleeting moment,
allowing myself to drown
in the pleasure of not knowing.

free to fall
with nothing
to seek,
with nothing
to want,
with nothing
but me,
and the whirling cosmos within.

ready, to spin.
ready to weave.
ready to cleave to Destiny

But tell me,
are you ready,
for me?

LP No. 04_2021_semantic systematics

enslaved to an empire built:

on the dreams of the deceased
the blood of their betters
on the backs of ghosts, scarred by wicked greed.

we march forward,
at war with everything
but the devils inside.

we march forward
down the same path,
dreaming and,
warring, and
for saving.

to our consent,

we lie
and sink
into a wealth
of pain,
with advesary in tow.