LP No. 32_2021_the ridge

i used to walk along our ridge
looking out to you,
feeling swarmed in our love.

that ridge has crumbled
and now i walk alone.

i found a path, with which to make my way
but still
i look out to you, and
blinded by the solitude,
continue on.

so i wander
purposely without aim
through deserts of desire
and valleys of fear.
i walk on
searching for the glory
i once placed in you.

LP No. 31_2021_double alchemy

when hate clouds my actions,
loving kindness
from the depths of your soul.

when lust and loathing shrink your heart,
my boundless sensuality will enfold us,
into magnetic ecstasy.

fears melt away
in the fire of our passion,
as we join in a crucible of love.

we are wizards,

manifestors of truth,
and benders of reality.

we forge a new way,
towards the infinite.

so cleave to me my beloved,
let us build our world together
and drown our bliss
in endless pleasure.

LP No. 26_2021_nonsensical lyrical seeking the mystical

expanding inwards:
implosion of tactile delight,
so the madness returns,
embraced warmly, without a fight.

sifting through a catalogue of feeling,
none seem to ring true
which is why when the sky is falling
i long all the more for you.

but the clouds roam high, and shall not tumble
nor will they shatter, and into the void crumble
so walk with me, and let us two see
just how tremendously foolish love can be.

LP No. 22_2021_twice scorched

gracefully, across the burning dawn,
her sliver of wonder catches my eye,
setting a flame to the magic inside.

…and she moves on.

triumphant, vainglorious….untested,
and blessed
with a golden touch of destiny,
a new day rises.
filled with promise
and hopes undeclared.

and so, a great joy grows in my chest,

yet i long
for my lady of the night.

i yearn for her mystery, and thirst
for her wisdom.

so i wait
for darkess to fall,
so we are free to fly,
together again.