ocean waves in pure contentment
admiring you admiring them
singing a chorus, and jubilant.
a thousand 9-year-old school girls
out for recess on a nice spring day
the 9-year-old boys sail above
in choreographed aerobatics
impresarios and little machismos,

Up above, the moon smiles,
she smiles her sweet little smile
she knows I came for her brother
but is glad anyway, for the company.

the wind purrs gently in my ear
joining the watery chorus
constant chanting, floating in the air
in tongues long forgotten, except to my soul.

songs that used to belong to you
songs that still belong to me.
If only we would look, we would find
songs of joy

Gaia reclaims her lost prodigal
who comes to her now
empty and open
thirsty and yearning…
who comes to witness the performance of a lifetime

of countless lifetimes.
yet each one,
each and every single one

for whatever ails you
this be the cure.

thank you my child
for coming to see.
for I am you,
and you,
you are

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