“Go West Young man”
Apollo whispers weakly from behind
“future, horizon…. future….
“West!” he exclaims, in the shadow of a cough
His once mighty voice,
now a timorous plea
gentle and soft.
“Why do you come to me,
only to run back to her?
Follow your path, my lad
and she will follow you.
as surely
she follows me”

With mournful sigh
boy bid night goodbye.
to his chaotic mistress
he threw one last kiss
and followed his heart
to a road apart
to claim his gold
through action bold

And as he took those
first fateful steps
the boy smiled..
no, …
the boy grinned
and.. yes,
twinkled his eye.
for he glanced back once
and Her pale smile
was already there-
to follow him, wherever and where
he may dare to go.
“OK, here I come”
a thin silhouette
in phoenix flame.

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