I got you…

“I got you baby, don’t worry”
she says as he pounds away.
Four hundred years plus,
not including a 3-5 year bid.
“I got you baby,
and I ain’t going nowhere”

The sound of melting plastic
alights through the air
as he pounds away to the

Triceps vibrating, flexing with Rhythm
with the sound
with the sound
beats come over him,
from yesterday.
beats filled with missed promise
beats filled with opportunity
beats for a chance to shine.

“I got you baby”
he plays on his buckets.
“these sticks, these arms,
will carry you,
will carry me…..
will carry us
to liberty”

A buzz, a fire
electricity and desire
unbroken line
connects these two.
man & woman
father & mother
son & daughter
you can see
thick juicy cables
of love
of lust
joining them.
you can feel…
I mean….
you can actually feel
the love
life force.

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