Do Not Wait, Abide

Since this is indeed your one and only life (we presume)

And since you must stay with you more of the day than any one else

It is prime urgent that you attend to your needs as an individual

The needs that will best serve you first. Not serving self is not

Nourishing self. And not nourishing self starves self

Weakens self. A weak self is good to no one and potentially a

Burden, hazard, or worse, a vampire.

Being direct, be true; True is the arrow’s path when released by

The great Archer.  It is time my angel, my arrow. You are free of

The quiver, have left the bow. Now fly, fly and hit your mark!

There is music in you share it.

There are words and stories in you, spread them.

There is a vastness to your spirit. Reveal it child.

There is such a thing as you. You exist. Without need of

Permission, you exist my love.

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