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A Letter To You, My First Love September 16, 2014

Filed under: EL,Poem — nomisyar @ 21:25

when Fear’s cold grip first clasped at my chest.
you were there.
my tears burned and my tummy churned.
and we endured it all
alone together.

you were there when I first fell –
the first of many falls.
you helped me back up.
you consoled me.
we moved on,

when my heart could go no further
you did not say to me, “it will be OK”.
you sobbed with me.
you agonized with me.
you stared into the void with me.
and somehow we returned,
shaken, and cracked,
we returned together.

thank you
for the love that you bear
for me.
I know it is not a burden
because I love you too.
thank you my savior,
my warrior, my priest.
I will make you proud,
as you have made me.

I am yours,
Reflection in the Mirror


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