Metaphor (as in stop hating and start healing -oh, and winter is coming)

Darkness closes…
We search
to light the way.
We search
to scare away
line the way.

With brain
and thumb
We build fire.

We scorch the earth-
rid it of Shadow.

But the Darkness remains.

and it frightens us.
and we scream.
we fight.
we scape goats
because we cannot
escape the dread,
or the Demons,
or the  Hate.
and we weep
because we know
that secretly
we crave
the Shadow.

We have always known
where the Demons lay
in congress with Hate.

Brain and thumb,
that is just dumb.
Your heart is the flint,
actions – steel.
and your soul my darling,
that is your kindling.

Burn bright my star children.
Burn away the Hate with love.

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