Je ne suis pas Charlie, mais je suis Charlie

We write because we know
that the written word
has more staying power
than the orator’s rhetoric.

We write because we know
in a slight turn of phrase
and sexed up wordplay,
We will steal our reader’s own palette
and with it, paint indelibly onto the soul’s canvass.

It’s why singers sing
And painters paint,
Why builders build
And rockers rock.

It is why lovers love.

So, although I don’t agree with the Gauls’ politics,
I defend,
not their right to free speech under the rule of law,
But their right,
and the right of every individual, to express ourselves freely.
Because we are all of us
and Loving

And, to quote a very intelligent and insightful friend of mine:

“…fuck anyone who’s offended by a cartoon.”

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