I felt it
whispering to me.
So I ignored it
as one ignores the moans of ecstasy coming from next door.

I continued
empty, hungry,
And lost.

an ellipsis.
after ever word
after every chuckle
after every smooth fuck…
an ellipsis.

my very soul pregnant
Damn It.

…I know not
But all, resides inside.

the gentle whispering has left me,
I am quiet in
painful solitude-
That is,
except for the
raging torment
that was once
a whisper.

If only I had listened,
If only I had been strong,
I would be in paradise,
whispering to my whisper.
But now the world will shake
and tremble with
my rage
and sorrow.
with my vision
and deceit.

My early inattentiveness
shall bring your end.

Go get your sandals,
and your towel too.
The Typhoon comes,
above my weary shoulders.

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