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Mother June 23, 2015

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They took me from you,
I remember.

Not a child,
But as a man they stole me,
From you.
and called me Homeless
without roots
or pride.
without history.
without family.

They beat me,
calling me “boy”.
Some of my brothers believed,
and still
to this day
walk childlike:
full grown Man-childs
with violent toys.

and Proud-
and unsure.
uninitiated into Manhood.


I remember you Mother.
In the drums of my heart
I remember.
I dance to remember
I write
to remember.
I fight
because I remember
how I was torn
how you were raped
how you are still raped.

They cannot take from me,
They cannot take from us
that which has always been ours.
Gladly I share it
But it’s mine.
You Mother-Fuckers,
It’s mine.
Respect that.
and Respect my brother too.

the foggy chains of history
I shake off Now
I am reaching back,
deep to my roots.

back to the womb.

And I remember.



2 Responses to “Mother”

  1. regina Says:

    wow. that`s a great one. touching deeply, very powerfull.

    Liked by 1 person

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