A Kiss

​The long drawl of cicada song: hundreds of crescendos, and not one diminuendo.
woodpecker’s pounding is accentuated by dropping acorns.  
Robins and cardinals and finches and catbirds each offer brief, yet  impassioned solos.  a night heron croaks in, right before bed, and two fish sound the cymbals across the glassy stillness.
Dragonflies dance to these luscious sounds of summer, drunk with a lust, and a need unquenchable, they fly in tandem, fulfilling Summer’s ripe promise.


two Lovers,

amidst this perfect symphony.

exchange a KISS.

to answer that singular question,

that will usher in a lifetime 

of mutual discovery, sensualism,

revelations, freedom, and….
oh, but for a kiss

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