Quite Simply

“You don’t get to be both a Nazi and a proud American.  We literally had a war about this; the whole world was involved.”
– I saw this on Instagram.



the failures of the individual currently holding the office of the Presidency of the United States are manifold.  through incompetence, haphazard rhetoric, wilful negligence, and an inconceivably inflated sense of ego, the progress of this country is being brought to a grinding halt.  through a special blend of idiocracy,  the world is abandoning what little remaining faith it held in democracy.  jingoist, sexist, racist, xenophobic attitudes are not merely disgusting, but a threat to all of us, here, and without.


Every being on this planet is less safe.



ingenuity, creativity, innovation, spirituality: all that is the beauty of the Human Spirit, is at risk
the concept of a world based on cooperation, and not a struggle for resources is slipping further from our grasp.



people have been snuffed out for far less.


for far






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