Second Date with my Dream Girl

She came to me last night.

for the first time.

It was a sunny afternoon in California.

Riding the Greyhound down a highway I’ve never travelled before.

She was sunny and beautiful,
funny and strong


I fell in love before she hopped aboard
(She was hitchhiking)

I clumsily and purposefully flirted in clumsy Kiwi dialect, claiming Aussie heritage;
she was not amused,
but she smiled anyway.

It felt…. real…. so very real…. then I realized….I have been here before,
on this bus,
with this woman,
on this road to nowhere.

It was not deja vu,

I realized
within the dream, that she was a dream.

am I not one too?

I shook myself awake.

two dates in two decades,

and the affair is complete.

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