a rhyme in time is quite often a crime

summer days glide in under a fog
hot and sticky, rolling lazily like a hog
and in these days of indolent pleasure
we have time to admire life’s true treasure:
the experiences we feel, be them bitter or sweet
are magical because of the people we meet.
new souls all filled with that spark of life
although some may cut  wickedly, like very a sharp knife.

but we roll right along, learning and growing
all the time deep inside we are sowing
the seeds for a future, filled with success-
every dip of the wave is followed by a crest.

life is a wheel, on which we all ride
and it moves quite similar to the tide
quite often we’re on top, riding without hurt
but then we must sink, to be ground into dirt.
and at these times, as we struggle to breathe
in our heart and soul, we must continue to believe
that we will rise again, and soar so damn high
we are angels, all of us, destined to fly.

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