Old Souls Fly Far

a thirst for adventure
but not the water in your bowl.

a hunger for affection
but not meat and bones.

you have appetites still,
that this world cannot fill.
so prepare to continue on your way.

preparing yourself.

preparing us.


why must you go
and leave me?


so many journeys we’ve taken
but on this one,
you go


you will live in my heart, and my sweet memories
(of course that’s what they ALL say),

I want your stinky fur in my nose.
I want your cold nose pressed to my neck.
I want to see you run
constantly teaching
me how
to be a free


But your job is done:

My soul IS free.
My heart is full.
My most precious treasure,
protected, safe, and STRONG.
we are wiser
for you.
for you,
my lovely beast.


lost in this world, but
for you.


thank you


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