Clarity Conquered

hot air
and shimmers,
confusing truth
and desire.

of flame
or the want
of a touch,
moments of clarity
last an eternity.

focus blindly
in this dark
with no moon to
light your way,

and your destiny
will come to you
-to laugh.

fool of a man,
you are the fire
you are the source of all desire.

fear not the confusion
fear not to fall
fear not
fear not
fear not at all

trust in that inferno
seething within your chest.
fear not to give
light to the dark.
give your gifts.
give your love.
save your pain
but gift your all.

the world


cold clarity invites death.

live a little, and
burn with me
you little devil-
come burn and dance and dream to the sounds of fiery rapture.

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