My Country, ‘Tis Not For Me (Nor Thee)

running routes – all nasty and smooth
but we don’t run shit.

one kneeling blackskin
32 Redskins.
White guilt, camouflaged as indignant rage.
Blue lines -blurred, at best.

one man. one strong man. one Black man.

My Brother,
you are not alone.

you are not

we are one nation

you are not alone.

I will not lie,
it is dark right now.

Our light, once a beacon of potential,
is broken by prisms of greed,
and shrouded in a the veil of fear.

it is dark.

I was born right here,
in the dark
and I ain’t never been home.


springs eternal

if we close our eyes
and open our hearts

some may see,
you and me,

But We.

I know a blind man
who could see the beauty
we yearn to be:

Ray Sings America”1972-2011 | The Pop History Dig

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