veiled in the grandeur of
the Here
and the
She approaches.
masked and subdued,
yet resplendent in her ascension.

then we waltz,
again through memories
of what is yet to be ,
moving to the rapid pulse
of Destiny.

such love
knows no equal.
such intimacies
know no bounds.
we go round
and round and
weaving truth from dreams,
ripping fear from
the uninitiated,
answering unspoken pleas.

grappling ecstatic
with abandoned frenzy
we cleave unto
the other as two.
and part
as one.

and Night rises,
gasping in disbelief
at this primal dance
of shadow and blood.

and we whisper gently
into that great void:
my darling,
do worry, for
we have only just begun.

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