Asante Sana (digging on you)

your eyes
brimming with cool
ancient fire,
send sparks
of joy
beneath my skin.

the jolt of your wonder
rocks me

a future wild,
and free, filled
with mischief
and surprise,
awaits us.

only if

if you felt
the thrill of destiny
the way I do,

you too
would fly.

if you could feel
what I feel,
maybe i wouldn't
share how
happy it feels
to be so sweet on you
(nah, I would).

so i soar, high
on this splendiferous bliss,
reminded of the magic
and the beauty
with every silly giggle
that set our souls awiggle,
each tender kiss,
shared twixt trembling lips.

and i thank you
for briefly glimpsing infinity
with me.

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