Even as bombs drop,
and innocents die,
and we feel embattled,
and encircled on all sides,
the Swine consume more
of the meek.

So I fight
the fight:
We denounce
the hypocrisy
We scream
against hate.

I am tired.
But how
can I rest
knowing that the moment I silent
my Voice,
I buy in
and sell out.

But I am so tired,
and there is no end in sight.

Lift your voice up for me,
Just for a little while.

I feel alone.

I want to
feel alive.
Sing for me
Dance for me
Fight for me
Teach for me
Love for me

I need to lay down-
Just for a moment, or

back to the future

I used to want a time machine
so I could talk with the old man.
I wanted to know if he would say,
“Ray, you’re doing it right.”
I wanted to know
if he respected me.
I built one,
and when I found him laying in my bed
with my tattoo of Phoenix on his shoulder,
you know what that old fart said?

He looked at me,
from eyes that were brighter than mine,
and he said to me,
stop bitching,
and start living.”


True Story.

Je ne suis pas Charlie, mais je suis Charlie

We write because we know
that the written word
has more staying power
than the orator’s rhetoric.

We write because we know
in a slight turn of phrase
and sexed up wordplay,
We will steal our reader’s own palette
and with it, paint indelibly onto the soul’s canvass.

It’s why singers sing
And painters paint,
Why builders build
And rockers rock.

It is why lovers love.

So, although I don’t agree with the Gauls’ politics,
I defend,
not their right to free speech under the rule of law,
But their right,
and the right of every individual, to express ourselves freely.
Because we are all of us
and Loving

And, to quote a very intelligent and insightful friend of mine:

“…fuck anyone who’s offended by a cartoon.”


into your
warm safe
hints of torment
find room to nest.

what was so clear
is now shrouded
with fear-
of what may come,
or is it,
of what could be?
or perhaps,
of what
was always there.

it doesn’t matter.

Just Choose.

it matters not.

Just play the game.

you cannot lose
if you play free.
you cannot lose
if you play with a smile
you cannot lose
-Period and Full Stop.

so come,
Come and play
with me.